C-39 Nangal Devat

Project Detail

This Apartment stands out due to a sleek contemporary look and a generously-sized terrace, which can be used as extra living space. However, the main design highlight of this home situated in NangalDewat,Delhi is that Every inch of space has its own function, making this apartment seem a lot larger than its actual size.Communication and family interaction are at the heart of the design, so the layout had to reflect this idea:Differently from the property’s original layout, with strong divisions between private and common areas, the interior was redesigned as large interconnected spaces, limiting doors to the indispensable ones.“In order to achieve a specific contrast we combined the energy and warmth of natural materials like wood and metal with clean and minimalist modern design. Our target was a place active and artistically, but simultaneously a good environment for many Residents Who will be Living There.”